Who we are

Water Child® is a water recreation and conservation brand based in Austin, Texas. We are dedicated to responsibly creating products that enable healthy and active outdoor lifestyles. With every Water Child purchase, we are contributing five percent of revenue to aid charitable organizations. Water Child is committed to uniting a community of activists by connecting passionate individuals, organizing events, supporting grassroots environmental campaigns, and sponsoring local community projects.


Our mission is to produce products that serve as accessories to experience. We aim to deliver sustainably sourced, humanely manufactured, fairly-priced, superior-quality products that give back to humanity and the planet with every purchase.


Our vision is to become a ‘Climate Positive’ company by 2030 removing more carbon than emitting. With every passing year, we strive to set new standards and expectations for what is expected from a modern business. We envision a world where consumers demand far more from companies to be ethical, sustainable, charitable, and accountable. We want Water Child to be the reference point.


Water Child embodies three core values adventure, activism, and accountability.

Adventure is embarking on a journey into the unknown both physically and mentally. Water Child desires to connect its customers to nature in ways they never have before. At Water Child, our products are designed to strengthen the connection between people and the outdoors. We believe our outdoor recreational products serve as accessories to new experiences.

Activism is the practice of deliberate and repeated action in support of one's cause. At Water Child we are devoted to the philosophies of environmentalism and humanitarianism. Environmentalism in practice is the attempt to sustainably balance the relationship between humans and the planet’s natural systems on which we depend. Humanitarianism is the practice of promoting human welfare, we strive to advance the well-being of humanity as a whole. A percentage of Water Child revenue goes to clean water accessibility, environmental policy advocacy, and environmental conservation. 

Water Child prioritizes the importance of education and grassroots activism. We desire to have a direct hand in supporting local environmental initiatives impacting city projects and strengthening our local activist communities.

Accountability is the obligation opportunity for an organization to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose its results transparently. The word 'accountability' is seen as scary for many businesses worried about their dirty little secrets. Accountability should be seen as necessary requirement to your customers and community to earn their continued business.

Accountability begins with standards and Water Chid is steadfast in adopting ethical and eco-friendly business practices. We are dedicated to using humane manufacturing processes and 100% recycled materials wherever possible. We strive to have a completely sustainable product line and “Carbon Positive” business operations by 2030.

Water Child is diametrically opposed to the idea of “greenwashing”. We are not yet a completely sustainable operation, but we hope to be in the future. Every passing day we find new ways of improving our approach. Our aim is never to mislead our customers or community. This is an ongoing learning process for us, but we forge ahead earnestly in our values and efforts. If we misstep, know that we will correct course quickly; you can count on that.